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Investissements publicitaires européens

This year's report documents the ongoing success story for online advertising. As of 2011, on average 20% of all advertising budgets in Europe were dedicated to online. One out of five advertising Euros is now invested in online platforms.
Initially, the IAB network discussed including 10 countries by 2010 and hoped to reach an average of 10% online market share. The reality today looks quite different. The 2011 AdEx Benchmark includes 26 countries and the average online markets share in Europe is 20%. Despite the recession, our industry has been performing very well, growing 14.5% in 2011. Direct response and branding formats are fl ourishing, indicating that advertisers are considering digital advertising for various aspects of their marketing and communication strategies.


This year's report is a success story for online display advertising. With an average growth rate of a staggering 21.1% in 2010 it outstripped search, which also achieved a good year with an increase of 15.6%. 2010 saw not one but two European Display markets
cross the €1 billion mark; Germany and the UK. The IAB network has worked hard to promote online display and the benefi ts it can deliver to brands when used creatively. So it's particularly gratifying to see that the message has got through and the results are here
for all to see. The overall online advertising market in Europe grew rapidly in the year, chalking up an increase of 15.4%, well above traditional advertising. My theory is that digital advertising has actually benefited from the ad recession of 2009 because advertisers could
no longer simply renew existing media buying plans; they had to think long and hard about which media would bring the best return on investment. The digital ad industry was well positioned to take advantage of this and all concerned can be justly proud of their achievement.


Barcelona 2nd June 2010 :

The Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe ( has just released the findings of its annual advertising expenditure survey for the year ending December 2009. Compiled by Screen Digest, the research covers 23 markets ranging from the mature markets of the Nordics and Western Europe to the emerging markets in Eastern and Southern Europe. Russia, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Slovakia are included in the report for the first time.


20 years ago trans-national advertising was a minor part of total advertising activity, but the strength of online
trading is changing all that. This timely report examines how global brands are spearheading a gradual rise in
trans-national digital advertising and the benefits this can bring. It looks at how traditional working structures
continue to keep most media buying within national boundaries and looks ahead to the market forces that are
likely to break down these boundaries.

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